List of Concept Types

The IOMED types are a set of categories that we consider big enough to capture the different types of medical concepts, but small enought to be useful in real applications. Below you can find a list of each type along with a description.

IOMED type code IOMED type name Description
iom01 Activity A human activity (e.g. "conducir")
iom03 Phenomenon Phenomenon or process, of natural or human origin (e.g. "explosión")
iom04 Organism Any kind of organism (e.g. "humano", "perro", "mycoplasma", "haemophilus")
iom05 Anatomy Any concept related to a body location (e.g. "rodilla", "colon")
iom06 Spatial Concept e.g. "lateral", "superior"
iom07 Substance Any kind of substance (e.g. "penicilina", "metanol")
iom08 Finding Sign or symptom, injury, poisoning, or any other medically relevant finding which is not a disease or syndrome
iom09 Manufactured Object e.g. "marcapasos", "prótesis"
iom10 Organization Organization or department (e.g. "Servicio de Urgencias")
iom11 Geographic Area Place or geographic area (e.g. "Spain", "street")
iom12 Laboratory Procedure e.g. "saturación de oxígeno"
iom13 Laboratory or Test Result e.g. "hemograma normal"
iom14 Diagnostic Procedure e.g. "radiografía"
iom15 Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure e.g. "apendectomía"
iom16 Disease or Syndrome e.g. "diabetes"
iom17 Temporal Concept Concept related to time (e.g. "3 días")
iom18 Quantitative Concept Quantity (e.g. "200 mg/ml")
iom19 Qualitative Concept Qualifier (e.g. "normal")
iom20 Group Group of people (e.g. age group, professional group, patient group)
iom21 Organism Attribute Attribute of the organism or some of its parts (e.g. "weight", "mass index")