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The cloud API is accessible at Each API function on our cloud is exposed via a POST endpoint. The URL for the endpoint is as following:<vX.0>/<api_name>/<function>

The access is controlled by an API gateway that expects an API key in the header of the HTTPS request. All the non HTTPS requests will be ignored. GET and POST are the unique methods accepted by the gateway.

Obtaining an API key

When connecting an API to a project or application, remember that you must have an app key to authenticate your client. Creating an api key in the IOMED Console generates an api key specific to that client. You can view analytics based on the API calls you make using this api key in your dashboard.

To obtain your keys, please visit, sign up and generate your api keys. Once you have them place them in the HTTP header:

apikey: <YOUR-API-KEY>

You can test whether your API key is working with curl:

# this command should print "pong"
curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'apikey: <YOUR-API-KEY>'
  -d '{"text": "dolor"}'

How does GDPR affect IOMED?

Under GDPR, IOMED is a data processor. If you need to have IOMED sign a DPA (data protection agreement) with your company, we have a general DPA that we are happy to sign with you.

For more information about GDPR, you can email us at For any privacy-related questions or concerns, you can email us at