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Docker setup

Prior to any deployment, you must install Docker in the target machine and setup the access to the IOMED's container images.

Installing Docker

Multiple versions of Docker are available, Docker CE is enough to safely run our products. For more information about Docker CE, see Docker Community Edition

Supported platforms

Docker CE and EE are available on multiple platforms, on cloud and on-premises. Use the following tables to choose the best installation path for you.


Platform x86_64
Docker for Mac (macOS) Install
Docker for Windows (Microsoft Windows 10) Install


Platform x86_64 / amd64
CentOS Install
Debian Install
Fedora Install
Ubuntu Install

Authentication with the private registry

JSON authentication key

We will provide you a JSON key file with a long-lived credential that is scoped to a specific customer and licensed resources.

They key grants access to the container registry containing the container images. The key is granted read-only access to the registry. Pushing images will not be posible.

Once the key is sent to you and you have installed the docker client, you can authenticate with our registry issuing the following command:

docker login -u "_json_key" --password-stdin < keyfile.json

Now you can docker pull as you would do from any public registry.

The registry uses the private key in the JSON when requesting an OAuth 2.0 access token in server-to-server interactions. IOMED does not keep a copy of this private key.